Admission Procedure

The Admission Process is designed to enroll students demonstrating promise. Registration does not imply admission, but it is subject to the availability of seats and fulfilling of admission criteria. The School admits students at different levels depending upon availability of vacancies. Parents need to submit the application form at school administrative section and/or register and complete form online.

Documents Required for Admission

  • Completed application form
  • Birth certificate
  • Identity documents of parents
  • Copy of your child’s most recent school report (not applicable to Grade One applicant)

You can also E-mail us at or call at +977 14462644/ +977 14461060 for further information on the admission process

Admission Policy

Admission of students is determined by criteria set out in ‘School Policy and Procedure Manual’. Few of the substantial points from manual are listed below:

  • Parents who intend to enroll their children in the School should submit a completed application for each prospective student. A non-refundable application fee is payable upon the acceptance of the student’s application to the School.
  • In the process of admission, a special priority is accorded to those children who have siblings already in the School.
  • Apart from these criteria, admission and/or possible placement on the waiting list are determined by the date on which the School receives all of the requested admissions documentation and the application fee.
  • Normally, students are placed with their peers of the same age in grades that correspond to their respective age groups.
  • A student may only be considered for entry to an age group one year in advance of his/her grade level when there is written evidence to demonstrate that the student has already successfully completed the designated grade level in a reputable educational institution. Similarly, the School may consider a student for entry to an age group one year below his/her age level if previous educational experience indicates that the student would benefit from this.
  • Any assignment of a student to a certain grade may be done on a probationary basis.
  • In all cases, the final decision for grade placement resides with the Academic Director.

You can contact us via. email at or call us at +977 14462644/ +977 14461060 for further information on the admission process.