School Management Committee (SMC)

The SMC is the decision-making body for management and operational issues and provides recommendations on the School’s priorities. Shristi’s School Management Committee lead by chairperson Mr. Prabin Shakya and principal Mrs. Milan.K.C.Lopchan, in coordination of parents/ guardians representatives and representatives of District Education Office Kathmandu.

Board of Directors (BODs)

The Shristi School Board of Directors (BODs), as governing body, is responsible for determining strategy , pre-decision discussions on key policy issues and operational activities related to school. Mr. Praveen Shakya chairs the BODs of Shristi School.



The Academic Board is the principal academic body, which considers all major issues of general policy affecting the academic life of the School and its development. Principal Mrs. Milan.K.C.Lopchan leads the school academic program, with highly trained and extremely motivated faculty members. We at Shristi School believe teachers play vital role on overall development of the children, thus, we not only focus on our children but also on teachers’ growth through practical and child centric training and development.

The faculty at Shristi works in a collaborative and cross-disciplinary environment that favors innovation and cooperation with all segments of education, which helps in development of effective approaches to teaching and learning that’s works within global contexts. We explore significant content, developing disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding that meets rigorous international standards.