Project Work

Projects are in-depth investigations that challenge students to apply skills, knowledge, and strategies from different content areas as they do authentic research, analyze data, think deeply about problems and draw conclusions. As projects progress, students’ build on their unique interests and talents and become experts in a particular area of the project topic. Through project work students not only learn new concepts and content, they develop the competencies essential for future learning: the ability to formulate essential questions, conduct research both independently and collaboratively, evaluate and synthesize results, present those results to others, and reflect on the strengths of their work and the ways they can improve.

At Shristi School we focus on the Integrated Project Approach of learning, where students are thought on a real world topic based on student interest, the school’s curriculum standards, and the availability of resources. Using their experience, knowledge and ideas, the teacher guides students in completing their projects.

Thematic Based Learning Approach

Shristi School focuses on thematic based learning approach where teaching and learning, whereby many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme. Thematic approach allows learning to be more natural and less fragmented than the way, where a school day is time divided into different subject areas and whereby children practice exercises frequently related to nothing other than what the teacher thinks up, as he or she notes them. It allows literacy to grow progressively, with vocabulary linked and with spelling and sentence writing being frequently, yet smoothly, reinforced. By this approach students

  • Will have fun,
  • Will be more actively involved,
  • Will develop learning skills more quickly, as each one is connected to and reinforced by the other,
  • Will be more confident and better motivated,
  • Will present fewer discipline problems.