As an education institution Shristi School aim in moving expediently
 and decisively to become more distinctive and resilient body, where the
of students and the institution will depend on creativity, innovation and social engagement.

Our Approach

We at Shristi School are committed in exploring and improving the overall character of the student’s through 
education, integrity, ethics, innovation and teamwork, while providing them with a caring and enriching environment where they can learn and discover their unique potential. We focus on

  • Progressive Education Method
  • Individual Students Focus and Nurturing
  • Holistic Development of Children 
  • English Learning Arts (ELA) and Literacy
  • MSITA (Mathematics, Social/Science, Information and Technology and Arts)
  • Outdoor Education (Math and Science World)
  • Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA)
  • Collaborating Departments
  • Talent Development- Voice Your DREAM
  • Collaborative Education System
  • Students/ Parents/ Educators /Staffs/ Society
  • Cross Age Experience
  • Service Learning/ Community Based Learning
  • College & Career Readiness (future)
  • eLearning


Our Learning Beliefs:

  • Learning is the foundation of all we do.
  • Integrity and fairness are key pillars for student growth.
  • Confident, adaptable and resilient students are successful students. 
  • Fostering a nurturing environment in which each child feels special and grows in self-esteem.
  • Learning by doing- is the best way to learn and prepare children for tomorrow’s world.